Advantages of the game from Smart Poker

  • Access to very soft field of Asian players.
  • Low cashout fee.
  • Full support in Skype, including emulator setup help.
  • Fast cashouts.


Contact us via Skype to get an account.

Room description

Basically, PokerKing Asia is a full-feautured poker room for mobile devices only. It has its own Security Department. There is no such thing as clubs (like in other poker apps) and the player gets an instant access to all tables.

In terms of the game organization PokerKing Asia is very similar to other poker apps: tables are created for a limited amount of time (usually for 2.5 hours) and there is the “one account — one table” rule.

A large number of weaker players is provided by the brand’s reputation in Asia (yet the brand remains pretty much unknown outside of Asia). Up to the very highest limits (NL3k) there is no such thing as tables without weaker players.

The popularity of Shot Deck (6- plus) Holdem at PokerKingAsia deserves a special mention. This new type of poker hasn’t got a developed strategy yet and it is very popular amongst amateurs because of the large amount of action.

Traffic review

At PokerKing Asia you can find a decent action almost all day long. The most optimal time for grinding starts from lunch-time in Europe and ends around 19:00 – 20:00. During this time period you can find the most tables and weaker players.

The main poker game at PokerKing Asia is 8-max No Limit Holdem. The stakes are shown in Chinese yuans ($1 is approximately 6,85 CNY). All tables have ante and straddle. Here is the approximate amount of tables during the peak hours:

  • 1/2-2/4 CNY (NL30 -NL60) — more than 40 tables;
  • 5/10 CNY- 10/20 CNY (NL150–NL300) — 15 tables at each limit;
  • 25/50 CNY (NL750) — up to 10 tables;
  • 50/100-100/200CNY (NL 1,5K-3K) — up to 5 tables.

You can find a decent amount of action at 6-plus Holdem starting from the lowest stakes and up to $300 buy-in tables. These games run at 4-6 max tables with ante and with no blinds. As for the level of opposition, most players are familiar only with the basic rules of the game. At mid-stakes you can find up to 10 tables (in sum), at stakes from $80 to $300 this amount drops to 2-3 tables.

Software & trackers

PokerKing Asia software works only on Android and iOS devices. In order to run it on the PC you need to use an emulator. The entire user interface of the application is only in Chinese, but it’s very similar to other Asian poker apps.

By pressing the second button on the left in the bottom menu you can activate the list of available tables. Above that list there are 4 buttons of filters by limits, and to the right of them (a chair-like icon) you can navigate to the menu of more advanced filters.

All tables are placed from top to bottom by the time of their work — the lower the table, the earlier it was created. At the table you can customize the deck, background colors and bet sizings.

Using Hand2Note (starting from version you can get the HUD displayed at PokerKing Asia. It will work if you purchase the PokerMaster HUD.

Rake structure

The rake is taken only after the table validity period expired and only from those players, who completed the session with winnings:

  • Low stakes — 5%;
  • Mid stakes — 4%;
  • High stakes — 3%.

Rakeback & bonuses

The main benefit of PokerKing Asia for the regulars is a weak field. There are no additional bonuses except for the special jackpot. Part of it is paid for combinations from four of a kind and higher. There is a separate prize pool at each limit and it is paid to the players in the following shares, depending on the hand combination:

  • Royal flush — 50%;
  • Straight flush — 20%;
  • Four of a kind — 5%.

Deposits & cashouts

Deposits and cashouts are being handled by an agent. We can accept and payout your winnings to Skrill, Neteller, PokerStars and BTC.