Advantages of the game from Smart Poker

  • Access to very soft field of Asian players.
  • Low cashout fee.
  • Fast cashouts.
  • Full support in Skype, including emulator setup help.


Contact us via Skype to get an account.

Room description

Potato Poker is a new mobile poker app from China. It appeared in 2019 and most of the regulars have not heard of it yet. Compared to other mobile poker apps, Potato Poker has one distinguishing feature — the absence of clubs. There is one common pool for all players. In other aspects, Potato Poker is no different from other mobile poker apps. This room is a great option for low and mid-stakes NLHE players who are looking for weaker fields.


  • As it’s a new app, not much of a regulars at the tables;
  • Asian recreational players;
  • Great action at low and mid stakes.

Traffic review

The game currency is crystals. 1 crystal = 1 Chinese renminbi or yuan (CNY) ≈ 0.15 USD. All tables have straddle (2bb) and ante (0.5BB). NLHE is played in a 8-max format. PLO is played in a 6-max format. HU-tables aren’t available.

The peak hours happen in the evening in China (from 3PM to 8PM Moscow time). At this time the total number of tables exceeds 50. There is a wide variety of available stakes (from 0.1/0.2 CNY up to 1000/2000 CNY), but the action be found only at stakes from 1/2 CNY up to 10/20 CNY.

NLHE traffic during the peak hours:

SB/BB in CNYCorresponding limit in USDNumber of tables

PLO action can be found at 2 stakes – 1/2 and 2/4 CNY (approximately corresponds to PLO30 and PLO60). There are about 5 active tables in total. MTT and SNG are not presented.

Software & trackers

The client is available only for mobile devices (iOS and Android), but with the help of a special emulator you can also play on a PC.

Unfortunately, lobby is available only in Chinese, but software is quite easy to understand, especially if you used to play at Chinese mobile apps before.

At the tables players can customize the bet-sliders, the background color and switch to the 4-color deck.

Trackers (HM2, PT4 and H2N) are supported via converter. VPN is not required.

Rake structure

The rake is 5% of the winnings (calculated as the difference between the stack-size at the time of stopping the game and the buy-in when seating at the table). Players who finish the session with no winnings do not pay the rake.

When seating at the table players pay a fee (10% of the buy-in amount). It is charged in the local currency called «beans» (620 beans ≈ 6 crystals ≈ 6 CNY).

Rakeback & bonuses

There is no rakeback at Potato Poker.

Deposits & cashouts

You can use the popular payments methods — Skrill, Neteller, PokerStars, BTC. All transactions are handled via agent.