Why you should play at Red Dragon Poker with us

  • Access to very soft field of Asian players.
  • Low cashout fee.
  • Full support in Skype, including emulator setup help.
  • Fast cashouts.

How to sign up at Red Dragon Poker

Contact us via Skype to get an account.

Room description

From the very beginning of 2019, there were some rumors about possible affiliations with PokerStars. In February, PokerStars officially confirmed that Red Dragon Poker is their project created with the goal of entering the Chinese online poker market. Unlike many Chinese poker apps, Red Dragon Poker has MTTs and a wide variety of micro and low stakes NLHE games.


  • Deposit guarantee;
  • Jackpot tables;
  • Affiliation with PokerStars;
  • Great action at low stakes;
  • МТТ and Holdem 6+.

Traffic review

The peak hours happen in the evening in Moscow. The total amount of tables exceeds 100. NLHE is played in an 8-max format. The number of NLHE tables by stakes is as follows:

SB/BB in CNYCorresponding limit in USDNumber of tables

All stakes higher than 1/2 CNY have straddle. PLO is played at three stakes: 1/2, 2/4 и 5/10. There are usually around 10 tables at all stakes together. HU-tables are not presented. Holdem 6+ (Short Deck Poker) is played at two low stakes — 0.1/0.2 and 0.5/1 CNY (NL3 and NL15 in USD, respectively). Usually, there are about 10 active tables at both stakes.

Unlike many Chinese poker apps, Red Dragon Poker has MTT and SNG, but the traffic is not very high. There are about 10 daily tournaments with buy-ins from 1 000 CNY ($150 USD), starting stacks of 100BB and 8 minute blind levels.

Software & trackers

The client is available for PC (Windows and macOS) and mobile devices (iOS and Android). English language is supported.

In the lobby you can filter tables by limits, table length and the amount of time left before the table closes.

Players can customize the background color, the bet-sliders and switch to the four-color deck. Worth noting, that you can open any table and see the history of the game (includes the initial buy-in, the current stack and the amount of played hands) of any player.

From one account you can play only one table. In order to multi-table you need to create multiple accounts.

Trackers and other third-party software are not supported.

VPN is not required.

Rake structure

The rake is 5% of the winnings (calculated as the difference between the stack-size at the time of stopping the game and the buy-in when seating at the table). Tables are created for a fixed time (usually 2.5 hours). Players who finish the session with no winnings do not pay the rake.
In all MTTs the rake is 10%.

Rakeback & bonuses

There is no rakeback at RedDragon Poker.

Deposits & cashouts

You can use the popular payments methods — Skrill, Neteller, PokerStars, BTC. All transactions are handled via agent.