Hand2Note (H2N)

Hand2Note (H2N) is an innovative poker HUD software for professional players. It allows you to collect, analyze and display stats at the table. Due to the high speed of work and flexible settings, H2N has gained great popularity amongst professional poker players.


Key features of H2N:

  • Display different stats on your opponents depending on: position of the opponent, relative position to Hero, effective stacks, initial number of players in the hand, sample size, color marker, actions in the hand;
  • Analyze your game using unique and super useful reports like «Fish Count», «Relative Fish Position» and others;
  • Explore your opponents with interactive and responsive pop-ups;
  • Create your own custom stats;
  • Transfer your HUDs and pop-ups from other poker software;
  • Professional notes taking system;
  •  Find and fix leaks in your game*;
  • Explore player pool tendencies with Range Research*;
  • Hand replayer that looks exactly like your poker table;
  • Exclude «Reg vs. Fish» spots;
  • Auto calculated «vs. Hero» value for each stat.

* — These features are available only in the «EDGE» H2N license.

Which poker rooms are supported?

H2N works in more than 50 popular poker rooms (PokerStats, 888poker, PartyPoker, iPoker and many others).

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License and trial period

A free 30-day period of use is available for those who want to evaluate the program before purchasing.

H2N has 4 different licenses depending on the stakes.

Newbie Beginner Pro Edge
Stakesup to NL25;
up to Lim 1/2;
up to $9 MTTs
up to NL50;
up to Lim 2/4;
up to $17 MTTs
up to NL200;
up to Lim 5/10;
up to $66 MTTs
All stakes +
Range Research and
Decision Analysis
One-month license FREE $9.99 $19 $39
One-year license FREE $89 $179 $351
Poker roomDeposit amountRequired rake
for Beginner
Required rake
for PRO
Required rake
for EDGE
888-poker from $30$200$600$1500