Flopzilla is a very simple and easy to use program that allows you to evaluate how good a certain Board texture is for your range or for your villain's hand, and compare the fairness of your hand with the equality of the villain's range.


What is the difference between Flopzilla and other equity calculators?

They main difference between Flopzilla and Equilab/PokerStove/any other equity calculator is that Flopzilla allows you to calculate how hard a given range hits different board textures – it shows (in percentage and combinatorial ratio) how many made and unmade hands your villain can have, which allows you to better understand board textures and, therefore, to exploit your villains more efficiently.

For whom Flopzilla will be useful

This program will be useful for absolutely all poker players: cash players, MTT, SNG and Spin-n-Go players.

License and trial period

A Flopzilla license will entitle you to register Flopzilla on two computers. A free 7-day period of use is available for those who want to evaluate the program before purchasing.

IMPORTANT! In order to purchase Flopzilla, we need to know your hardware ID, to which the license key will be attached.

To find out your hardware ID:

  1. Download and install Flopzilla;
  2. Launch the program and select «Register» in the menu;
  3. Find the info about your hardware ID.
Poker Roomdeposit amountRequired rake
888-poker from 30%$30
partypoker from 30%$50