Holdem Manager 2

Holdem Manager 2 is the most popular program for collecting and analyzing stats on you and your villains, as well as a must have tool to work on improving your game outside the tables.


Key features of HM2

  • Display game results as a graph in USD/EUR/GBP or big blinds;
  • Display stats on villains by street and action;
  • Professional notes taking system (partially automated);
  • The ability to mark hands for further analysis;
  • Easy-to-use and functional Hand History replayer;
  • A large set of available reports: by position, street, action, type of preflop and postflop hands;
  • Alias feature, which allows you to combine hands and statistics of several nicknames into one;
  • Convenient filters for analyzing the game of your opponents: select the necessary filters and analyze the average values in the database;
  • Easy database transfer from HM1/PokerTracker3/PokerTracker4.

Main differences between HM2 and HM1

  • New Graphical User Interface (GUI);
  • Improved database structure, which increased import speed by 2-3 times;
  • More stats available: detailed stats by position vs. position, additional postflop stats, stats vs. Hero, etc.;
  • More options for customizing pop-ups.

Compatible HM Apps

Hold’em Manager 2 is a truly universal program to which you can connect additional apps that significantly extend its functionality. Even though these apps aren’t free, their purchase will definitely be +EV.

Note CaddyAutomated Notes;
Bet Sizing Tells;
Card Range Graphs;
Hand Distribution Breakdown;
Timing Tells;
Instant Replay and other features.
TableNinja IIAssign Hotkeys;
Automatic Time Bank Management;
Measure Your Stack in Big Blinds;
Preset Bets;
Table Control and other features.
from $5 to $20 per month
Leak BusterAnalyze Stats by Position;
Identifies Major Leaks;
Correct Your Leaks;
Graphical Filtering Analysis and other features.
from $60 to 90$
SitNGo Wizard 2Analysis Details;
Analysis Graph;
Opponent Modeling;
Quiz Mode and other features.

List of supported poker rooms

  • PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker;
  • 888poker;
  • The iPoker Network (Winner Poker and other poker rooms);
  • The Microgaming network (RedStar and other poker rooms);
  • The Bwin.party network (PartyPoker, bwin and other poker rooms);
  • Winning Poker Network (PokerKing and others).

Get HM2 for free!

Register under our affiliate program in one of the following poker rooms, make a deposit, pay a certain amount of rake and get your HM2 for free.

Poker roomDeposit amountRequired rake
(for HM 2 Small stakes)
Required rake
(for HM Professionals)
888-poker from 30%$30$300
partypoker from 30%$50

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