Poker traffic gets lower in summer, which makes pokerrooms come up with promos to get players to the tables. GG Network has $300,000 in August promos, check them out.

$100,000 Drop Race

So, there are Rush&Cash tables at PokerOK. There are no blinds at these tables, instead all the players are posting ante. At these tables you can get there a Cash Drop – some sum of money is added to the pot or directly to the stacks of all the players at the table. 

For each $0.01 you got from Cash Drop you are getting one leaderboard point, and top-60 players in leaderboard are going to be handsomely rewarded. Prizes begins at $25 and go as high as $3000 for the first place. There will be four leaderboards, one for each week of August, and each has $25k in rewards. It’s time to Rush to the tables!

$200,000 Omaha Summer Special

Omaha players have a great opportunity to boost their bankrolls by participating in PLO games at PokerOK. Each hand you played will get you leaderboard points, amount of points depend only on the stakes you play at.

BlindsPoints per hand

Top-500 positions in leaderboard are going to get prizes which begin at $100 and end up at $15,000. Not bad, right?

Get a VIP deal with Smart Poker

You can get 50% rakeback playing at PokerOK with Smart Poker. Just hit us up in Skype (our login is

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